Our Story

One year ago today, I founded “I Am Raising the Vibration of the Nation (and the World)”, a global movement, to help heal the nation, and the planet, through: peace, love, kindness and unity, after seeing the United States of America virtually ripped apart by anger, fear, hate and divisiveness…as well as witnessing, first-hand, many people’s need to believe that their way, was the only correct path, to achieve the unalienable rights, of all Americans: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. A student of U.S. history and a true believer, in this country, I was devastated to see a presidential election, implode a nation…and send a shock wave of depression and desperation, across this great land.

Eight months earlier, I had lost my mother. She was a truly great human being, a spiritual mentor, a proud American citizen, my best friend and my only family. For months, I knew that I was destined to do something, to honor her memory and her teachings, as a humanitarian and a child of God, and to pass her wisdom and her grace, on to the world. So, when it was announced, that the USA had a new president, in the early hours of November 9 (which was also her birthday); and as I saw and felt the onslaught, of a huge energetic and emotional shift, in this nation, I knew that my life had changed forever…and that I had been given her gifts, both three-dimensional and otherworldly, to continue her life’s work, on the Earth.

I had absolutely no idea how to start a non-profit peace movement…or even if anyone would join me. I’m an artist, a talk radio host, a philanthropist, a spiritual practitioner and, to be completely honest, I really had no clue what I was doing. The inspiration to start, on this path, was a pure download, from the Universe; and that first celestial message, as well as all of those that have followed, has guided me, through these beautiful uncharted waters, for the last twelve months. Truth be told, I just did what I’ve always done, with everything, in my life: I followed my heart and my soul.

I stopped talking and started listening. I stopped relying on what I thought was true and started thinking about what I hoped could be possible and then worked towards manifesting, what could become the reality, of both the United States and the planet. First and foremost, I raised my own vibration. I accentuated the positive and eliminated the negative. I thought about four of my mother’s favorite words, all things that she believed had begun to diminish, in our new technological, post-millennial civilization: peace, love, kindness and unity…and they became the cornerstones, of this new movement. I opened up the Universal channel, that exists in all of us, and I started communicating my thoughts, wishes and dreams, by writing, speaking and sharing…and I never stopped.

As I took baby steps, down this new path, I discovered what this movement was going to be and, in turn, discovered who I was changing into. Because, as you work to change the world, that work changes you and I have changed so much, and in so many ways, that I cannot even begin to express them all. But, I can tell you this…in the last year, as this new movement, has soothed, touched and healed so many, from the erratic emotional and spiritual climate, that exists right now in America and globally, it has soothed, touched and healed me, in the process.

It has healed my mind from the visceral angst that I have seen, tearing this nation, that I love so very much, into two very distinctive pieces. It has healed my heart, from the dear friends that I have lost to social, cultural and ideological differences, since November of 2016. And it has healed my soul, from the loss of my amazing mother. This movement and each and every one, of the beautiful souls, who have come onboard, to aid in its mission, has taken on a life, of its own, that is so pure and so warm, so strong and so soft, so positive and so full of light. And that energy fuels me, and all of us involved in this, to move forward, with optimism and joy, through this unknown and undiscoverd territory.

Every day, we are building a “Vibration Nation”, where our growing numbers mirror our vibrational expansion…and I am absolutely humbled and completely overwhelmed, by the positive response we have garnered, in such a short time, by the strength of our collective membership, by the outpouring of warmth and great energy that I have seen, within this movement, and by just how many people are not only resonating with our message, but devoting their lives, to being in service to the world. Because it’s not about wrong verses right and it certainly isn’t about left verses right. It’s unequivocally about darkness verses light and about having a high, rather than a low, vibration.


The turbulent and tumultuous, spiritual and emotional climate, of our country and the Earth, should be treated, as a absolute priority, of our own concern…even every bit as much, as our personal daily worries, needs and struggles. It’s true that this is planet of diversity, of differing backgrounds and communities and of eclectic tastes and interests; yet it is unbelievably crucial that we now come together, to coexist peacefully, to follow our conscience and to respect each other’s right to do the same because, as the great and inspirational, Abraham Lincoln, once said, “A house, divided against itself, cannot stand”…and because the alternative is simply frightening.


And so, our work continues because, both the United States and the world need a lot of help and healing right now…and, of course, many strong, empowered and enlightened souls, to facilitate that relief. With that in mind, I am so very appreciative, for everyone who joins this movement, for the love and support of this project and for the understanding, that: we are all in this endeavor together, that we are each working to raise the vibration, of ourselves, of mankind and of the world, as a single unified force of good…and that we are one human family, who will make this world a gentler and more lovely place, where all of us can live, in harmony and serenity. I believe that, in every moment and with every fiber, of my being…and I promise you that, as long as each of you have the will and the determination to fight, for what swells your heart and soul, and to fight, for what lifts human beings up, instead of tearing them down, I will be here to fight, alongside you.

Please always know that your beautiful energy is appreciated, valued and indescribably necessary, for the spiritual growth, of this country and the planet. I am humbly thankful for each of your presence here, I am blessed to know every one of you and I am grateful that you have chosen to take this journey, with me. I believe that “I Am Raising the Vibration of the Nation (and the World)” is a first step, towards repairing old wounds and to finding true peace, absolute love, complete kindness and incomparable unity, among the citizens, of the USA and the Earth. I believe in the unbridled power of humanity. I believe in the spiritual ideology of this movement. And, most importantly, I believe in you.


Sheena Metal, Founder

November 9, 2017