Our Advisory Board

“I Am Raising the Vibration of the Nation (and the World)” is thrilled to announce our 2018 Advisory Board. Please join us, in welcoming these wonderful people, who have lent their names, energy, hearts and passion, to the spiritual and social progress, of our movement of peace, love, kindness and unity. We are grateful, thankful and blessed, to have them involved.

Alison Arngrim
Mackenzie Astin
Gretchen Bonaduce

Christian Campbell 
Crystal Chappell

Betsy Chasse
Rae Dawn Chong
Chip Coffey
Lydia Cornell
Erika Ervin
Hank Garrett
Carolyn Hennesy
Darby Hinton
Lainie Kazan
Kate Linder 
Dawn Lyn

Chase Masterson
Jill-Michele Melean
Brian O’Neal
Rodney Allen Rippy
Angela Rockwood
Cynthia Rothrock
Jeanne Russell
Ernest Thomas
Joan Van Ark
Ann Walker
Dee Wallace
Dawn Wells
Johnny Whitaker
Kathleen Wilhoite