Our Vibration Council

“I Am Raising the Vibration of the Nation (and the World)” is excited to introduce our Vibrational Council. They are the mind, heart and soul, of this movement of peace, love, kindness and unity…and their combined positive energy is its power, life and strength. Please join us, in welcoming them and in wishing them success, in this new endeavor.

Pam Apostolou Graphic Designer
Jeff Floro
– Musical Director
Suzanne Graf – Medical Expert
Carrie Grisham – Social Media
Glen Marcinak – Veterans Liaison
Sheena Metal – Founder
Jeffrey “JP” Morgan – Executive Assistant
Patti Negri – Pagan Advisor
Diane Pioch – Visual Designer
Kelly Rivers – Historian [Board of Directors]
Ronen Rozner – Technical Adviser
Robert Samo – Theologian
Scott Travis – Web Designer
Elais Weiss – Spiritual Consultant [Board of Directors]
Ken Werther – Publicist

Michael Steindel – Videographer [2017/Deceased]
Our collective hearts broke, last Christmas, when we learned about the loss, of our videographer, Michael Steindel. He was a visionary and everyone witnessed the growth, of our movement, through his eyes…via the lens, of his camera. Michael was a humble and gentle man, with a pure heart and an optimistic disposition, always willing to take a creative chance and help a friend, in need. A native of Long Beach, CA. and a proud American, who believed in freedom and equality for all, he was a believer in peace, a bestower of love, a patron of kindness and a benefactor of unity. So, it’s no surprise that Michael found his home, on the Vibrational Council, of “I Am Raising the Vibration of the Nation (and the World)”, where he will stay, perpetually, in memory and in spirit…and where his loss has created an emptiness that will never be filled.