Your Daily Motivation

One of the first and most important outreach resources of our “I Am Raising the Vibration of the Nation (and the World)” movement, are its daily motivations. At, our founder, Sheena Metal, each day, writes some spiritually and/or emotionally uplifting words, designed to inspire all who read them to think and feel more optimistic, to renounce hatred and fear and to become motivated to work continually, at bringing more peace, love, kindness and unity, into the United States and onto the Earth. Often these messages coincide with important national and global dates/holidays/historical events and sometimes they are simply reflective of a particular mood, ideal or emotion. Regardless, their effect, on the reader, is the same: to encourage pride in oneself, to bring joy and warmth, to change negatives into positives and to evoke energetic ascension. Please feel free to read just one or all of them…and enjoy the vibrational benefit, to your life.