Your Personal Guidance

One of the goals, of “I Am Raising the Vibration of the Nation (and the World)”, is to create an environment, where each individual can realize their true gifts, discover their unique path and become their best self. While some can achieve this state of being, on their own, through investigating various books/essays, tools/aids and journeys/explorations, others require something a little more personal and hands-on. For those that seek extra individual attention, our movement’s founder, Sheena Metal, provides one-on-one assistance, through her counseling, consulting and guidance practice: From dealing with grief/loss to building more powerful/fulfilling relationships and from healing your mind/body/spirit to developing your own psychic abilities, Sheena enables you to grow, exponentially, your own emotional, motivational and spiritual enlightenment, by tapping into your inner strength and light, to expand, both your energetic essence and your unique vibration.